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Quick Overview

Minhngoc.net.vn has the estimated value of $44,385 USD with estimated daily earning of $112 USD and daily pageviews of 4,748. The website has Google Pagerank of and ranks #106,792 in the World based on Alexa.

Alexa Rank: ranks #106,792 in the World
Estimated Worth: $44,385 USD
Daily Earning: $112 USD
Daily Pageviews: 4,748
Google Pagerank: No Pagerank N/A
Reverse IP:
IP Location: Vietnam VN
Site URL: http://minhngoc.net.vn
Domain Keyword: minhngoc
Length: 8 characters

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23 addindex.com$ 44,374Addindex
24 infrance.su$ 44,374Infrance
25 iphonekart.com$ 51,874Iphonekart

Alexa Statistics

You will find various analytical graphs of minhngoc.net.vn in the following such as Traffic Rank, Daily Reach, Pageviews, Time on Site, Bounce Rate and Search Visits based on Alexa.

Traffic rank for minhngoc.net.vn

The graph shows its daily global traffic ranking trend for the last 3 months. For Traffic Rank, lower is better.

Daily Reach

This shows the estimated percentage of global internet users who visit minhngoc.net.vn for the last 3 months.

Daily Pageviews

The metric showing the percentage of global pageviews for minhngoc.net.vn in the last 30 days.

Daily Pageviews Per User

The average number of pages that viewed per visitor within minhngoc.net.vn for the last 30 days.

Time on Site

Average time (in minutes) that every visitor spent on the website for the last 30 days.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate represents the percentage of visits that visited only a single page and then exit the website or go to a new URL in the browser's address bar.

Search Visits

Percentage of the traffics that came from the major search engines to minhngoc.net.vn in the last 7 days.

More Detail: find more stats such as Search Analytics, Audience Demographics (income, ethnicity, age, education, gender, children and browsing location), Reviews, Related Links for minhngoc.net.vn at Alexa.

Compete Statistics

You will find the useful statistics from Compete for minhngoc.net.vn including its Unique Visitor, Popularity Rank and Visit Stats for the last 13 months.

Unique Visitor Graph

This graph showing the number of unique individual people visited the site every month (United States Only). Visitors are counted once, no matter how many times they visit a site in a month.

Compete Rank

This metric showing the popularity of this site based on how many Unique Visitors came to minhngoc.net.vn in a month. For Compete Rank, the lower is the better.


The number of times that users visited the website in a given month.

More Detail: find more on the change and trend of unique visitors, ranking and competitive rank (UVS) for minhngoc.net.vn at Compete.

Quantcast US People

This graph showing you the total number of visitors (United States Only) who visited the website for the last 6 months period.

Google Web Search Trend

The following graphs showing you the trend and the number of searches that have been performed in Google for minhngoc.net.vn every month.

Domain Name Analysis

The website name is gotten from the combination of "minhngoc" term and ".net.vn" extension.

Domain name: minhngoc.net.vn
Keyword: minhngoc
Letter: there are 8 letters C G H I M N N O to form a term: minhngoc
Extension: .net.vn
Google Pagerank: No Pagerank N/A

Server Location

The website is currently hosted at FPT Telecom with IP address of on the server that is located in Van Tan, Vietnam.

Hosting: FPT Telecom
Organization: FPT Telecom
Country Name: Vietnam VN
Region / State: 52 Ho Chi Minh
City: Van Tan
Country Code: VN
Postal Code: n/a
Area Code: n/a
Metro Code: n/a
Latitude: 18.450000762939
Longitude: 105.55000305176
Time Zone: Asia/Phnom_Penh

DNS Records Analysis

We found the following DNS Records for minhngoc.net.vn.

Type Target / IP Ttl

Website HTTP Headers

Here are the headers of "minhngoc.net.vn" sent by the server in response to a HTTP request. You can read more detail about the results.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: no-cache
Content-Type: text/html
Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.24
Set-Cookie: mobile=desktop; expires=Fri, 17-Oct-2014 21:21:03 GMT; path=/
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:21:14 GMT
Connection: close
Content-Length: 142305

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